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The You in Me

I once heard some one say: "The only time you are not alone in your own body is when you are pregnant". It struck me because it feels so true and so privileged to be able to host another soon-to-be-human soul inside of me. Reading this article in Psychology Today, I realized that most of the time we carry DNA from other humans in our bodies. In fact, I probably carry the DNA of at least three generations inside of me; my daughter's, my mother's and maybe even my grandmother's.

I guess, I am not who I thought I was... I am not just me, but much more than that..

"Cells of a sibling, child, or possibly even a long-forgotten lover may persist in our bodies for decades, yet little is known about the role such genetic interlopers play. Research into the phenomenon has revealed tantalizing links to autoimmune diseases and changes in the brain, at the same time raising complicated questions of identity."

By Sam Kean published March 11, 2013 - last reviewed on June 9, 2016

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